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The ministerial training program is open to all licensed Practitioners of Centers for Spiritual Living.  Professional Practitioners bring to the Institute a foundation of knowledge and a spiritual consciousness that we believe is essential to a career in a Science of Mind Ministry.  In addition, each of our successful applicants must have been an active member of a Centers for Spiritual Living church for the last two years, filling leadership roles as an active participant in these communities.

How to Apply           

  1. Choose a Regional Center.
  2. Make an appointment with the regional Dean to discuss the program, to receive your application materials, and to review the admission process.
  3. Request four confidential letters of recommendation and evaluations to be completed and forwarded directly to your Regional Dean. They are to be from your senior minister, your mentoring minister, a licensed Practitioner, and a long time professional colleague.
  4. Completed request for the background check with payment is sent to the Administrative Registrar at International Headquarters.
  5. Request official transcripts from previously attended schools to be sent directly to the regional center. NOTE: If the transcript is not in English, it must be submitted through World Education Services ICAP services; the student must pay the evaluation fee required by WES.
  6. Locate and include your current Practitioner license from Centers for Spiritual Living.
  7. Give your application materials to the registrar and take the Interpersonal Style Inventory.

Note:  Students who have not earned an accredited Bachelor’s Degree may apply to Holmes Institute.  Upon successful completion of all graduation requirements these students will earn a Certificate in Consciousness Studies.  It is important that these prospective students work with the Dean of the Region where they plan to attend.  The application process is in two steps and includes writing a Research Paper and documenting one’s life experiences in an application packet that is reviewed by the Deans’ Council.  If it appears that the prospective student will be successful in this program, he or she may then follow the regular application process.

When all application materials are received, your registrar will arrange a personal appointment with the Regional Dean.  You will also complete the entrance panel with Religious Science ministers.  The final decision of admission approval is made by the Dean subject to completion of all application requirements. 


Transfer credits (if earned in the United States) may be accepted from institutions accredited by agencies recognized by the U. S. Secretary of Education and/or the Council of Higher Education Accreditation.  Credit taken at Holmes Institute is  program specific, and is not automatically transferable to another institution.  Acceptance of credits is determined by the receiving institution.